About The Name

Ever since I was a teenager I was fascinated with foxes. They were my favorite animal growing up and I felt a connection with them in almost a kindred spirit kinda of way.

I also discovered my love for the Japanese culture around the same time as my love for foxes.

 It makes since that I would be attracted to the Japanese culture and their folklore, since the Japanese depict foxes in many of their anime shows and manga books which I watched and read while growing up.

I have become quite the anime geek since then and while in college I took a year of Japanese language classes.

In japan foxes are called Kitsune (Key~tsu~nay)


This became my nickname


sheena fox

So for this reason I named my blog The Paleo Fox


 Foxes Symbolize different things to different cultures here are a few of my favorite examples

The Japanese Kitsune

According to japanese folklore, Kitsune are spirits with magical abilities and all foxes have the ability to shape shift into women… some folktales speak of Kitsune using their ability to trick others, but other stories portray them as faithful guardians, friends, lovers, and wives.

Their seen as rain spirits and messengers for the god inari.


They symbolize longevity and protection from evil.

~Also the more tails a Kitsune has they can have up to nine, the older, wiser and more powerful the Kitsune is and can even be considered a deity~



The Celtic Fox

 The Celts believed the fox was a spirit guide, and they would rely on the foxes as their guide through the forest, understanding the foxes knew the woods intimately and they were honored for their wisdom.


The Native American Fox

Some native tribes considered foxes to be wise and noble teachers, guides and messengers.

also similar to japanese folklore they could turn into or be women, there are many legends and tales of fox~women helping people with trials and being spirit guides to warriors.

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