Lunch & Dinner Recipes


paleo zucchini lasagna_0240.JPG editcroatian chicken dishGrilled caribbean tuna with mango avacado salsa (28).JPG editKarelian stew finnish traditional stew (11).JPG editmaple glazed duck breast salad (46).JPG editpaleo italian chicken and gnocchi soup (3).JPG editBison, Herb and Root vegetable soup (2).JPG editKatniss lamb and prune stew (42).JPG edit cropEgyptian Lamb Tagine with prunes stuffed in Cassava Pita Pockets (45).JPG editpaleo chicken nuggets (42).JPG edit

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  • I was the lady you met at Barnes and Nobel. Thanks for all you advice. I was wondering it you have any suggestions for lunches for my husband. I am needing simple ideas for packing his lunch as he takes it everyday. I would greatly appreciated any ideas or places to look for simple lunch to pack. Thanks again Shauna

    • Hello Again Shauna
      you are very welcome, and I hope the book helps as well.
      For easy lunches I would suggest salads for cold options such as egg salad, sweet potato salad, or spinach salads, and if he has a way to heat things up, soups, stews or chili’s would be a great option as well.
      Other options would be stuffed vegetables such as mushrooms, bell peppers, or acorn squash.
      Spaghetti with meat balls made with zucchini noodles, meat loaf with baked sweet potato fries, and tuna taco bowls are all great options.
      Making larger batches of the soups and stews and then freezing any left overs is always a great idea so you can just pull a bag out of the freezer and prepare it from lunch the next day.
      I have quite a few soups and stews and a few salad recipes you can pick from above.
      Let me know if you have anymore questions and I will be adding new lunch and snack recipes in the next couple of weeks.
      Thank you Sheena Lange ~ The Paleo Fox

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